Race Organizer Registration

You are organizing an event that includes an aquabike race? Great! If your event(s) are already listed here on aquabike.world you can use this registration form to sign up for an organizer´s account.

This will give you the following options:

  • Edit your event(s) directly on our page. You can add a description of the race, add race images or any information that is yet missing and also edit it at any time if something at your event changes.
  • Embed map and/or elevation profile of the bike course into your own website! Many organizers have no or only a very rudimentary visualization of the bike course on their websites. So this is certainly helpful for your athletes (also triathletes of course)
  • You have several options to promote your event (chargeable) on our website, in our newsletter or on our facebook page.

PLEASE NOTE: For the registration of an organizer´s account, please use the email that is also displayed as contact on your own events website! So we can directly and automatically assign your events to your account. This is also to make sure that no third parties can edit your events on aquabike.event. If you wish to use a different email, please contact us beforehand at mail@aquabike.world

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